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Pigeons are found all throughout the U.S and are easily recognized. They are a medium-sized bird that typically has a gray body with a whitish rump, two black bars on wing feathers and a broad black band on the tail and red feet. They range in size up to 11 inches in height and 13 ounces in weight.

Pigeons become a serious problem when they take over areas inhabited by humans. Not only are pigeon droppings and feathers unsightly, they also spread disease and parasites. Their droppings also make structural surfaces slick and hazardous to walk or climb on.  In addition, pigeon droppings are acidic and eat away at paint, concrete, metal, & can eventually cause structural failure, which presents, not only a hazardous situation, but also has financial implications.

If you discover pigeons roosting on your property, contact a professional immediately to discuss a proper course of pigeon control. Servicing the Southern Central United States area, CARTER PEST CONTROL is dedicated to providing premier animal control services.


Pigeon infestations can be found in a number of places in and around your Southern Central United States area home.  Elimination of feeding, watering, roosting, and nesting sites is important in long-term pigeon control.  The Humane Society of the United States describe several methods for preventing pigeons from roosting and nesting, including removal of food sources, covering large areas in netting and preventing pigeons, and attaching bird wires to keep them off of ledges, railings, awnings and rooftops. Pigeons naturally have a hatred for water, strong scented spices and sticky surfaces too so methods involving these items may be effective. However, it is recommended you contact CARTER PEST CONTROL for a full evaluation prior to beginning any control efforts.

Servicing the Southern Central United States area, CARTER PEST CONTROL will thoroughly inspect your property, evaluate the situation, and help you decide on the best comprehensive approach.


Pigeons, also known as rock doves and are classified as a pest species because they are a filthy nuisance that spread disease and cause extensive damage to homes, buildings, vehicles, bridges, and any other structures. They are dependent on humans to provide them with food, roosting and nesting sites and are well adapted to urban living.

Pigeons are social creatures and are rarely seen alone. Mating occurs year round, but peak mating seasons take place in the spring and fall. The young leave the nest at 4 to 6 weeks of age and more eggs are laid before the first clutch, group of hatched eggs from a single nesting period, leaves the nest. This breeding system allows the pigeon population to overrun an area rapidly.

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